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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Airplane Tours For Valentine... If you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas this Valentine's Day holiday, make sure you go by plane. Flights get you there and back super fast and come with loads of great side trips from which...

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Reasons You Should Enjoy Grand Canyon Airplane Tours The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking and impressive works of Mother Nature found in the United States. It is protected from human greed as a member of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979....

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Grand Canyon Tours: Helicopter, Airplane and Bus Rides... If it's the Valentine's Day holiday, then it's time for Grand Canyon tours. There's no lack of options, either, as you can pick from helicopter rides, airplane flights and bus tours. But book soon as these...

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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Valentines Day Bus Tours Going to Las Vegas for the Valentine's holiday? Then consider taking a Grand Canyon bus tour. These trips leave once a day in the a. M. And go to the West Rim and the South Rim. But book early as seats...

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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Valentines Day Feb. 14 Helicopter... Make this Valentine's Day holiday (Feb. 14) one to remember! Take a Las Vegas helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Pick from air-only or landing tours. But book soon. Seats are limited and prices tend...

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Ibiza Airport Car Hire


Often labelled the party island of the Spanish resorts, there

A Guide to Car Hire in Tenerife


A Guide to Tenerife Car Hire

Beautiful Tenerife is a renowned hot spot that rivals with surrounding islands both in size and numbers. The sun-kissed beaches are absolutely divine with favourable weather making them an enchanting paradise. The endemic plant life is a must see for nature lovers and the prominent presence of Teide is a symbol of challenge and adventure.

Tenerife can be explored by car, tram or bus; however, for remote regions it is best to use a hire car. Whether you are there during carnival, Holy Week and Easter, Festival of the Lady of Candelaria, New Year

A Guide to Car Hire in Croatia


1. Where is Croatia?

Croatia is located in Central Europe and shares its borders with Slovenia to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia to the east and Montenegro to the southeast. Croatia has some fascinating historic sites to explore, as well as some beautiful stretches of coastline along the Dalmatian coast.

There are 9 airports in Croatia, with the major air hubs being Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split. Planes fly to and from these airports to destinations all over Europe, including Austria and the UK. Croatia is easily accessible by train and there are connections to locations like Vienna, Venice, Munich and Frankfurt. The country is also well connected to European road networks.

2. Car Hire companies in Croatia

If you are planning on renting a car in the country, you will be pleased to hear that there are lots of car hire companies in Croatia. Alongside the names you will recognise, such as Europcar, Sixt and Hertz, there are also a number of much smaller, local companies to look at, many of which offer specialised types of hire.

Car hire companies in Croatia can cater for pretty much any need, whatever type of hire you are looking for. You can hire a car for a single day if you want to take a day trip out to the country, or there are longer rental periods of weeks or months. There is also a wide range of vehicles available to hire, including convertibles and estate models.

3. How to find the best Car Hire in Croatia

If Croatia is your holiday destination of choice this year and you are wondering how to find the best car hire in Croatia then you can start with the internet. Price comparison websites will give you a good overview of the kinds of rental rates that are offered, as well as the companies that are offering them.

You can also use airlines and holiday companies, as they will be able to tell you how to find the best car hire in Croatia because they have lots of experience in this area. Often, rental that is included as part of a deal with a flight or holiday is some of the cheapest around so it is worth looking into this when you book.

4. Long term Car Hire in Croatia

Long term car hire in Croatia is an excellent idea for anyone who is planning on staying more than a week in the country. Although it may seem like an expensive way to get around, rates for long term hire are actually very reasonable and are much cheaper than short term hire.

You can organise long term car hire in Croatia with many of the local rental companies and you will find some great discounts and deals are offered. If you want to see what kinds of experiences others have had with this type of hire then traveller review websites are a great resource.

5. One way Car Hire in Croatia

Anyone planning a trip around the country that starts and ends in 2 different places will benefit from one way car hire in Croatia. Although many rental companies used to charge extra for this type of hire, this is now no longer the case and you should pay no more than for regular rental.

You can arrange one way car hire in Croatia with many of the local rental companies and rates are very competitive. If you want to make sure that you are getting the widest choice of dropping off points then it is a good idea to arrange your hire with a big company like Hertz or Avis.

A Car Hire Croatia is the perfect way to explore the region. With so many interesting places to discover a Car Hire Spain is the recommended and most cost effective transport option.

A Car Hire Croatia is the perfect way to explore the region. With so many interesting places to discover a Car Hire Spain is the recommended and most cost effective transport option.

A Tourist


Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, and a hot destination for wealthy people looking for fun and excess. It is also a major business hub, as well as a world class vacation favorite. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, with a stunning city coastline and many innovative developments by way of hotels and resorts, Dubai is impressive and luxurious, but can be surprisingly cheap to visit.

Best Time to Travel

Dubai gets extremely hot. We are not talking pleasant and balmy here, but far too hot to go outside at the hottest parts of the day at certain times of the year (though if you are by a pool or the sea of course, you may be able to cool down there). For this reason, you will get more out of your time there if you aim to go in the winter. You will still be looking at hot weather, but it will be a lot more manageable in November through to February. Avoid the height of summer if you can, unless you want to spend all your time doing indoor things.

Amazing Attractions to See

In Dubai, you can see both the old, traditional Arabic architecture and style of old Dubai, with attractions such as the Dubai Museum, and the Jumeirah Mosque, and the amazing modern structures more famously associated with Dubai now that it is a world leading metropolis. The Dubai Museum shows you exactly how, and how quickly, Dubai was transformed into the iconic city you see today. It is quite a remarkable story of how money and commerce progressed a reasonably small and old fashioned Arabian city into a stunning, wealthy modern hub. To see the results of this transformation, you only have to look at the Burj Al-Arab Hotel